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space for culture and transformation.


Priscilla is a
alternative eco art Guesthouse

This cultural and travellers' house is so cosy, you will never want to leave again.

Priscilla is situated in the heart of the Medina, the ancient city of Marrakech, just 10 minutes from the famous square Jamal El Fna.

Come and discover where the unique composition of recycling and DIY spirit melts into the traditional Moroccan architecture.

It is possible to use the staff kitchen, order a breakfast or take dinner with us, for a small contribution.

You can use the open air stage, the studio or other spaces to give workshops, a course or create your own work.

Get off the beaten track and visit us in this alternative space for a novel and exceptional Moroccan adventure


According to your own assessment of your situation we offer prices on asliding-scale.

  • Dorm: 70-150 dirham
  • Small double room: 180-250 dh
  • Big double room: 200-350 dh



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