This is Priscilla speaking. I’m the queen of the medina.

My philosophy is the celebration of permanent transformation. The work in progress, the variations of ourselves, the evolution and renovation, the never ending development of myself and everything around me.

I am a space where artistic creation melts into travelling and living. A space for movement and rest, for body and mind:
The perfect environment for creativity and transformation, for developing new ideas and getting new impulses for new adventures.

I’m an independent space where exhibitions, encounters, performances, collaborations, workshops, social projects, artists,travellers and all sorts of people are equally welcome.

Visitors, friends, guests, myself, members of MAC,
I invite everybody to the ongoing show of transformation.
I provide space for trans- re- in- and up-formation
by interdisciplinary artistic encounters and an international
network of nice people coming with their ideas.

Values and believes


I don’t have fix prices for the beds or rooms I offer you, but money is necessary for me to survive. I am a work in progress who needs care and devotion. I’ve seen many people pass, many stories are manifested in my walls. As an old lady I gave a lot of shelter and protection for at least 200 years. Now I need attention so my traditional substance stays alive.The money donated, keeps myself and this project on going.


Communicating, learning, sharing, listening,…
I like the idea of sharing knowledge, talents, artistic or practical practises, languages, experiences, skills,…
in a free and cosy atmosphere.
It’s also possible to give a workshop and invite Marrakchi neighbours or take a workshop with local talents.
I like to invite kids for specific happenings, for example to danceclasses or french lessons.

I distribute goods to those who are in need.
Useful items to donate would be:


I believe that we got enough material things in this world. There is no need for more and more production.
The result is excessive waste. I want to support ecological thinking, less material consumption and more creativity.
I love to give objects a new live. Therefore I’m furnished and decorated with recycled materials and new ideas.

DIY - Do It Yourself

It’s a statement of self-empowerment, an openness to learn, to experiment and for self-expression. Holding up this spirit there is space to construct, repair or build furniture, lamps, bicycles… new inventions….. there is a workshop/studio and diverse materials on my roof.

Collective living and creative participation

In my house I want to reflect on community and collective spaces.
Being aware of the environment and taking responsibilities make me happy.
I prefer the idea of working together rather than working for each other.
With shared contribution we can make a difference.

Participation is possible in many different ways:

Please ask me what I need at the moment.


I want to respect my environment.
Let's care about mother earth and keep her from suffering. Please be aware of your co2 foodprint. Calculate your flight carbon emissions with a co2 calculator here.
I offer organic breakfast with local products for my guests. I provide ecological traditional soap and one day I wish to have a bicycle washing machine on my terrace.
On my roof I have an eco-garden and one day I want it to be an eco-jungle.
As I recycle lots of things I contribute a tiny tiny part to a less consumption orientated society.